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Here is something new for my site….a collection of videos, some from Youtube and some created especially for the site..

How about this one to start you off….????…..

From 2014…The dynamic trio of Ged ,Uli and Phil, with a rendition of “Proud Mary”….

La torre in October 2012, and our great friend Nigel does his “Mick Jagger” dance, to the delight of the guests..!!!

The next video is taken from an Irish Gala Night at the Birmingham Symphony Hall in 2004/2005…..This was a Charity Concert organised by Bob Brolly of BBC Midlands Radio fame, and top of the bill that evening was Charlie Landsborough. I had never before played to an audience of nearly 2000 people…!!!..Great memories.

The next video is of my song,”Time”, which I wrote after the untimely death of Darrel Dean Walker in 2011.

The song is dedicated to him and to his wife Julia.

I have used just a photo of Darrel as my “video”, I have uploaded the lyrics, and I hope you like the result.

There are a number of  videos of varying quality on Youtube from” La Torre”, this one featuring Nicole J McCloud & Phil Gibson and myself from February 2011.. Nicole was flown over especially from America by Pavol Miskov (Hotel Marina, Island Krk) to make a special celebration in memory of Whisky Joe. It was a most wonderful evening for those lucky enough to have experienced it!

thanks to Richard Humphreys for sending these in..!

There’s even one from” La Ola” featuring crazy bbq chef Oscar!!!! This one is his rendition of ‘Feelings’.

Here are some more wonderful clips! How about this rendition of ‘La Bamba’???

Absolutely wonderful videos from the archives.

Here is one from 2010 featuring a Dutchman called Jilles.. This is his rendition of the great song “Mr Bojangles”.

There are some more videos on YouTube of this guy, and although the quality of the videos is not great, he is certainly worth watching.

Here is a great video for anybody over 50!! Somebody sent me this ages ago and I’ve just rediscovered it.. The singer is Tom Rush and the song speaks for itself. Enjoy it!

Richard Humphrey has sent me three more videos of Nicole J McCloud at La Torre… here they are then….

Here is a brand new video from July 2013… at the Marina hotel Krk Croatia…. Yours truly with the folklore band Tramuntana performing “This Land is My Land”…. ENJOY!

How about this….???????…..

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  1. We’ve just returned from El Mirador and chose to spend almost every evening at the La Torre del Mirador restaurant, the food was great, staff very friendly and competent but Ged was the real icing on the cake we loved listening to him and his relaxed manner which as just perfect and one of the main reasons for our returning so often.


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